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HomoQuotable - Shlomi Laufer

"They are shooting at us. The loaded gun is aimed not only at gay and lesbian teenagers at a weekly meeting, and not only at the gay community, but rather, at all those who fear the next time, and it shall come. Make no mistake about it, this despicable act will grant many others the opportunity to swear and threaten and beat up and stab. And to shoot. They are shooting our natural right to live, to be.

"This morning, the rainbow-colored pride parade is sadder and paler than ever. Our collective psyche has been supplemented by another constitutive event that will accompany Israel’s gay community for many years to come. Today, everyone is part of the community, and everyone who was shaken up last night can go ahead and hoist the pride flag this morning." - Israeli activist Shlomi Laufer, in an opinion piece blaming the Shas Party for inciting yesterday's shooting at Tel Aviv's LGBT Center.

(Tipped by JMG reader Joanna)

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