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HRC To Support National Equality March

The Human Rights Campaign announced today that they would be supporting the National Equality March, which takes place in Washington DC on October 11th, just less than 60 days from now. HRC head Joe Solomonese explains:
“With thousands of LGBT people and allies coming to Washington to make a difference, it’s our mission to help them become the citizen lobbyists that they want and need to be,” said Solmonese. “Cleve Jones’s vision of bringing us together at this important time is an extraordinary opportunity to capitalize on the energy and commitment of our community and achieve results. I’ve heard criticism about this gathering diverting resources from existing goals such as marriage equality in Maine and New Jersey,” added Solmonese. “It’s our intention and our obligation to ensure that in October, we amplify our energy not divert it. Will and commitment are unlimited resources. We intend to ensure that when the event in Washington is over, many more of us will know not only the work that lies ahead, but how to turn that energy into action.”
When I interviewed Solmonese in early June, he waffled on HRC's possible support for the October event, saying that he could not commit to backing an event that he wasn't yet confident would take place.

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