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Israeli Soldier Arrested For Making Death Threats Against Tel Aviv Solidarity Rally

A 20 year-old Israeli soldier is in custody after admitting to posting death threats to the attendees of Saturday's solidarity rally for the victims of the shooting at a Tel Aviv LGBT center.
The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court in Sunday extended the remand of Shmuel Preimark, a 20-year-old Nahal Haredi soldier from the capital, who was arrested Saturday on suspicion of posting threats on gay Web forums, by three days. The threats were made shortly before Saturday evening's rally in Tel Aviv in memory of the victims of a shooting attack on a gay and lesbian youth club in the city one week earlier. Several hours before the start of the rally, the suspect allegedly posted a message on a gay Web forum, threatening to hurt the rally's participants. The soldier is suspected of writing, "Expect more victims among the gays, this time something bigger" and "a second attack on the community soon. Be ready. Don't say we didn’t know." Police who searched the suspect's home found his personal weapon and confiscated two computers, which were allegedly used for making the threats. The police said that the soldier confessed and was taken in for additional questioning.
Other unknown persons also made calls threatening to bring hand grenades to the rally.

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