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Jesus Fish Spurs Discrimination Charge

Two realtors in Virginia have been brought up on charges of discrimination after they used the "Jesus fish" and noted the scripture "John 3:16" in their advertising. Federal, state, and local housing law prohibits denying housing based on religion, but the realtors say they are legally expressing their personal faith, not telling non-Christians to stay away. Christianist organizations are rushing to their defense.
It would seem to be a perfectly legal expression of faith, but Dr. Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission tells OneNewsNow someone obviously felt differently. "Allegedly, the person that made the complaint believes that it was illegal because it seemed to indicate that they were only soliciting Christian clients and, therefore, was tantamount to some form of discrimination," he explains. However, Cass points out the realtors see their business as their ministry. Gary Cass: "In fact, they are self-identified as Christian ministers who support Christian missions, and they felt that it was important to advertise that -- but they in no way discriminated against any potential client," he adds. Cass finds it important for Christians to defend their faith when they are attacked. People can show support for the realtors by sending a message to state officials through the Coalition's website.
If you saw the "Jesus fish" in the ad for a new house, would you feel non-Christians were unwelcome?

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