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LA Times: Wait Until 2012 On Prop 8

Last week Equality California announced their decision to wait until 2012 to pursue a repeal of Proposition 8. Other groups such as the Courage Campaign have not signed on, saying they are still studying the issue, having raised $135K to "invest in research, polling and focus groups." Yesterday the Los Angeles Times published an editorial advising the Courage Campaign to wait too.
Both Equality California and some major donors who tried to defeat Proposition 8 have indicated that a 2010 campaign cannot expect their active support. Though this page will back same-sex marriage no matter what the year, we hope the Courage Campaign will rethink its timing. Gay-rights activists must recognize that their lackluster campaign did little to sway the public, especially considering the misleading ads by gay-marriage opponents. So far, the Courage Campaign has not articulated a sophisticated strategy for changing this. Without other gay-rights groups by its side, its low chances are further weakened. It's not as though waiting three years means idly letting injustice prevail. There is plenty to do between now and 2012 -- forging alliances with minority groups, lining up financial support and vetting the best campaign managers. Advocates of same-sex marriage already have a just cause; coupled with campaign smarts and money, they also will have voter support.

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