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Last Night And Today: Protests After Tel Aviv LGBT Center Murders

At 5pm Israeli time today there will be demonstrations in several cities. I'll have photos later today. There will be another protest on Tuesday in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square. A Facebook support group is here.

Dr. Michael Brown, the "messianic Jewish conservative leader" who organized last week's anti-gay protest of gay Pride in Charlotte, North Carolina, has issued a press release denouncing the murders. Nice, I suppose, but listen to how Brown manages to work a little "gaystapo" rhetoric into his statement.
"I have friends who received death threats simply because they worked for Proposition 8 in California, and I have received ugly threats as well. Then today, tragically, we hear of a deranged man who killed and wounded gay and lesbian young people in cold blood. This tells me that there are fanatics on all sides and in all religions, and it behooves us as leaders to set an example of civility and respect in the midst of our differences and to say, 'The violence stops here.'"
BELOW: At the solidarity rally in London's Soho Square. More photos here.

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