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Lutheran Sect To Sanctify Gay Marriages

The Evangelical Lutheran Church voted today to allow individual congregations to bless same-sex marriages.
“I’ve been a life-long member at Redeemer Lutheran Church [in Atlanta], and I was never comfortable asking my church to bless my relationship,” said Bob Gibeling, who is at the assembly. “This offers great hope to me that when I find a future life-long partner, my own beloved congregation will want to bless that union.” The change in the Evangelical Lutheran Church does not require pastors or congregations to bless same-sex unions, but allows those comfortable with it to do so. Gay pastors can serve in Lutheran churches, but only if they are celibate. A vote expected later today will determine whether Lutheran churches can call and install gay pastors who are in relationships.
The Evangelical Lutherans are the largest sect of their denomination with 4.7M members at 10,000 churches. Today's move is opposed by other Lutheran sects and should further splinter the denomination.

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