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Maine: NOM Accused Of Money Laundering

Californians Against Hate has sent a letter to election officials in Maine, warning that the National Organization for Marriage and other groups may involved in some funny business with their donations. The charges arise out of the payments made to the professional petition gathering group that successfully put a repeal of same-sex marriage on the November ballot. From the letter sent by CAH founder Fred Karger:
We have reviewed the very first finance report which was recently filed by Stand for Marriage PAC, the group trying to repeal Maine’s same-sex marriage law. It appears that there are already questionable activities. Stand for Marriage PAC reported raising $343,689.50 during the period April 1 to July 5, 2009. We found it very suspicious that of that total, only $400 was given by individuals. The balance of $343,289.50 was contributed by various religious organizations and James Dobson’s Focus on the Family. That means that individual contributions to repeal gay marriage in Maine are only .001% of the total raised. Are the proponents trying to hide the identities of those contributing to their campaign? Are they directing all contributions to existing organizations, who then gave the money to Stand for Marriage PAC? This appears to be the case. If this is true, would it not be considered money laundering?
Californians Against Hate has consistently maintained that NOM is a Mormon front group.

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