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Napolitano: I'm Not Gay, I'm Just Single

Director of Homeland Security and former Arizona governor Janet Napolitano denied rumors about her sexuality to the New York Times yesterday.
NYT: Men don’t know what to make of women who choose to be single. Rumors of lesbianism have dogged women in politics like you,Condoleezza Rice and Ann Richards.
JN: Right. I think the more people get to know a person, the less that becomes an issue. It’s interesting. In Arizona when I first ran for public office, that’s when the rumors were going around, and of course I’m sure they go around now.
NYT: In 2002, during your gubernatorial campaign, you publicly denied rumors that you were a lesbian.
JM: I just happen not to be married.
NYT: Are you seeing anybody now?
JN: Yes, my staff.

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