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New Field Poll On Marriage In California

A new Field Poll (PDF) unsurprisingly demonstrates that over the last 30 years, Republicans in California have become even more opposed to marriage equality.
Californians’ greater acceptance of allowing same-sex marriage has come entirely from the changing views of registered Democrats and non-partisans rather than Republicans. Democratic voter views have shifted from greater than two-to-one opposition in 1977 to greater than two-to-one support this year. Similarly, where non-partisans opposed allowing same-sex couples to marry three decades ago by a five-to-three margin, now they support it five to three.

Republicans, on the other hand, have not changed their views on this issue, and if anything, are now more opposed than they were thirty years ago. A nearly three to one majority of Republicans (68% to 23%) currently opposes allowing same-sex marriage in California. This is slightly greater than their 65% to 30% opposition found in a 1977 Field Poll.
(Via - The Mad Professah)

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