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NOM's Anti-Gay Rhode Island Picnic

Two dozen marriage equality supporters protested outside the gates of Rhode Island's Aldrich Mansion yesterday as NOM held an anti-gay "family picnic" in which a reported 100 couples renewed their opposite marriage vows.
"Their goal is marriage as an exclusive institution and our goal is marriage as an inclusive institution," said Wendy Becker, who joined in the protest outside the event. "I'm here today because it's important to me to send a message that marriage doesn't have to be protected from gay and lesbian couples. ... It doesn't need to be protected from me." But Christopher Plante, NOM Rhode Island's executive director, said that the gathering was intended to "celebrate marriage" and was not political. "A couple wants to renew their wedding vows and that's worth a protest?" he said. "We have a really strong group of Rhode Islanders who are concerned about marriage," he said, acknowledging that the recent legalization of gay marriage in the other New England states makes its fate in Rhode Island "a fight."
VIDEO: NOM founder Maggie Gallagher speaks to the crowd and a speaker exhorts attendees to protect opposite marriage.

[Photo credit: Flickr users Jenny & Holly]

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