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Pastor Steven Anderson: America Is Controlled By Homosexuals

Good As You points us to this just-posted "sermon" by Pastor Steven L. Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church of Tempe, Arizona. The clip is audio-only and NSFW as the good gentle Christian pastor screams things like "Faggots run this country!" He also accuses Barney Frank of being a pedophile and lies that Frank has been arrested for it. It's an unbelievably vile speech coming from a so-called Christian minister. (No, wait, it's totally believable.) The church's website says they are "young, family-oriented church."

UPDATE: YouTube has already pulled the clip, no doubt because of the libeling of Rep. Frank. If you can bear more of the Andersons, check out the blog of Pastor Steve's wife Zsuzsanna, who in her top post wishes that a local cop be killed on duty. I sense a replacement for the Phelps family.

UPDATE II: Good As You captured the audio. Go listen.

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