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PhoboQuotable - Mike Heath

"Graffiti was once called vandalism, named for the barbarian hordes which sacked Rome. Similarly, same sex marriage was once called perversion, a term which literally means turning away from the truth. Today same sex marriage is called a "civil right" a misperception spread by gay radicals, with the help of the liberal establishment. In our politically-correct society, we do not use the words 'vandalism' or 'perversion,' because we do not want to offend those in positions of power and authority.

"Yet the truth remains - graffiti can never be art. In fact, graffiti performs the opposite function of art. Unlike art, which uplifts and ennobles the viewer, graffiti obscures and effaces what is noble in man, and in the process, demoralizes a city. Similarly, same sex marriage performs the opposite function of marriage. Where marriage is for procreation and the education of children, same sex marriage produces no children, and misleads the young regarding the most basic fact of marriage, that marriage is between one man and one woman. For that reason, same sex marriage will eventually destabilize society, just as true marriage shores up and strengthens society." - Maine Christian Civic League head Mike Heath.

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