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Polish Woman Fined For "Gay Abuse"

A woman in Poland has been fined over $5000 for calling her young gay neighbor names like "faggot" and "queer."
A judge in north-west Poland ruled the 44-year-old woman had infringed Ryszard Giersz's dignity by repeatedly verbally abusing him in public. The woman, identified in court as Anna S, was also ordered to pay Mr Giersz damages of 15,000 zloty (£3,100). Polish gay rights groups have hailed the case as unprecedented. An emotional Mr Giersz said he was very happy with Tuesday's verdict, adding that he may use the damages payment to buy a bigger flat away from his neighbour. "I'm a normal person and I just want to live with my partner in peace," he told journalists after the court hearing. "The last six months have completely knocked us out." Ms S, who can still appeal against the verdict, maintained her innocence throughout the proceedings, saying that she was, in fact, the victim.
Campaign Against Homophobia calls it the first such win for an openly gay person in Polish history.

(Tipped by JMG reader David)

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