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Ref. 71 Leader: The Gays Are Making The State Work Too Fast

As the rate of bad Referendum 71 signatures continues to rise, Washington state's wingnuts are accusing LGBT activists of pressuring election officials to speed up the process, thereby causing errors. The Faith and Freedom Network's Gary Randall bleats:
The hurry-up plan was put in place as the homosexual lobby discovered that the faster the checkers checked, the more names were discarded as not valid. They began to put pressure on the Secretary a couple of weeks ago. He and his staff have responded, by setting arbitrary deadlines toward which they could surge, increasing the number of checkers, increasing the number of hours of checking and putting new policies in place which would hurry the process and result in an increase in the error rate. The reasoning? I was told that with the possibility of a lawsuit and other pressing matters related to regular responsibilities, they needed to "get this completed."
Box Turtle Bulletin's Timothy Kincaid: "Now anyone familiar with the process of looking for error - in anything - knows that going too fast doesn’t result in more identified false discrepancies but rather in missing those that are overlooked. But Randall isn’t doing his best truth telling this week."

Gary Randall is asking his followers to pray to God to make the Washington Secretary of State stop bowing to pressure from dirty homos. With over half of the signatures counted, the error rate has edged up to 11.67%. If it finishes at over 12.43%, the measure will not make the ballot.

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