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Straight Guy Goes "Ex-Gay" Undercover

Ted Cox, a straight formerly Mormon reporter, thought it would an interesting story to go undercover at Journey Into Manhood, a "recovery from homosexuality" event in Salt Lake City. But Cox was unable to publish his story because the event's organizer convinced his employer that to do so would violate the confidentiality agreement he'd signed. But he can talk about why he went.
Granted, I do not understand what it’s like to be a gay man with a Christian background who is trying desperately to change who he is because he believes if he acts on these desires, he is committing some horrible sin. But, I went through the process. And the reason you have to go undercover is because there is no other way to find out what’s going on. These organizations cloud themselves with secrecy; everything is hidden—it’s blocked; it’s behind confidentiality agreements. How do we know if what [organizer] Wyler is doing is ethical unless someone can take a look at it and critique it?
The confidentiality agreement is a hoot:"Non-sexual healing touch." Yeah.

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