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Sunday: NOM Protest In Rhode Island

There will be a protest at the National Organization for Marriage's hatefest in Rhode Island this Sunday. From the Providence Equality Action Committee's Facebook action page.
This Sunday, the National Organization for Marriage is holding a "Marriage Day" at the Aldrich Mansion in Warwick. The purpose of this event is to build support for bigotry and exclusion of LGBT people from basic rights in Rhode Island. The event includes a "wedding renewal ceremony" where (straight) married couples may "renew their vows". The newly-formed Providence Equality Action Committee (PEAC) is calling for a protest outside the event for 5-6pm, during the speech of NOM president Maggie Gallagher. We are renewing our vows--to fight for equality and against hate in our state! Join us with your signs and your body as we work together for full equality for all LGBT people in RI and throughout the country!
Donuts will NOT be served!

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