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This Week In Holy Crimes

Over the last seven days...

: Pastor Dwight Smith charged with hiring a prostitute.
Alabama: Pastor John Picard charge with 42 counts of sexual battery on parishioners.
Virginia: Pastor John Duffer charged with taking indecent liberties with a minor.
New Jersey: Pastor Robert Carlino confesses to possession of child pornography.
Texas: Pastor Matthew Wood resigns after being accused of sexually cyber-stalking a parishioner.
Ghana: Pastor Kwame Kussi arrested for lashing a suspected witch to death.
Arizona: Pastor Charles Cafrey pleads guilty to sexual misconduct with a minor.
Georgia: Pastor Dennis Reedy charged with multiple counts of sex with a minor.
West Virginia: Pastor Sandy Cook and his church sued by four men alleging sexual abuse by Cook.
Missouri: The Diocese of Jefferson City agrees to pay $600K sexual abuse settlement to man abused by a priest.

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