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80's Flashback

Village People, Sex Over The Phone, 1985. After a four album downward spiral that began with 1980's Can't Stop The Music, Village People's ninth and final album scored a moderate hit with this tribute to two new phenomenons, commercial phone sex lines and safe sex. Ray Stephens made his only appearance as lead singer on this album, replacing Ray Simpson (brother of Ashford & Simpson's Valerie), who replaced original frontman Victor Willis. Although it sold relatively poorly, Sex Over The Phone has a place in musical history as it was not only the first pop song about phone sex lines, it was supposedly the very first song condemned by Tipper Gore's brand new Parents Music Resource Center, the nudges responsible for the "Parental Advisory!" warnings you see on most of today's hip-hop. (Although it didn't make their Filthy Fifteen.) This clip is terribly, wonderfully silly and possibly NSFW due to hotties in tighty-whities.

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