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80's Flashback

Hugh Masekela, Don't Go Lose It, Baby, 1984. Yesterday's post about Mory Kante reminded me of this huge hit from South Africa's Hugh Masekela, who first charted in 1968 with his Grammy-winning #1 pop instrumental smash Grazing In The Grass, one of my favorite tracks from that era. Cowbells! The next year Friends Of Distinction covered Grazing and their almost-as-good (with vocals) version went to #3. But I digress. Some house music fans consider Don't Go Lose It, Baby one of the earliest examples of the genre (I disagree) and it just missed hitting #1 on the Billboard dance chart. Best bassline of that year. The track was produced by longtime Crusaders mastermind Stewart Levine. Triva: In the 60's Masekela was married to legendary singer/activist Miriam Mekeba. His son Sal Masekela is the host of E! Channel's Daily 10 Show.

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