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Talking Points Memo directs us this birther-mercial, which is now playing around in the country.

One of the men behind the infomercial is attorney Gary Kreep, executive director of the Ramona, CA-based Birther group United States Justice Foundation. He told TPMmuckraker in an interview today that the initial buy was for two and half weeks at TV stations around the country, and he's now looking into a second round buy. He says he'll give us a list of stations playing the infomercial. One of them is CBS affiliate KLBK in Lubbock, Texas. That's where Lubbock resident Jim Schermbeck saw the infomercial last night at around 12:30 a.m., after The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, he tells TPMmuckraker.

A scheduler at the station confirmed to us that the infomercial is running, but the employee in charge of paid programming did not immediately return our calls. In its first week on the air, the infomercial generated "something like 1500 to 2000 faxes," Kreep says. The money goes to the price of the faxes and to the cost of airing the program, with any extra money going to the United States Justice Foundation. As a side note, it's worth noting that Kreep is currently engaged in an intra-movement feud with the pioneering Birther attorney Orly Taitz.) The program was produced by, a Web site affiliated with Bill Keller, a fundamentalist Christian minister who also hosts the infomercial.

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