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BREAKING: Nation's Most Infamous Anti-Gay Bigot Doesn't Like Being Called An Anti-Gay Bigot, It's Not "Neighborly"

NOM founder Maggie Gallagher thinks LGBT people are being just downright "unneighborly" when we vigorously protest our legalized oppression at the hands of the Christian right. Why, we should all be politely tipping our hats as Maggie sneers, "Shut up and eat your nothing!"
"Here's the truth: You will now be called a hater and a bigot merely for standing for marriage as one woman and one man. What do we make of this sad truth? So far, the bullies pay no price for their meanness and their rage. This is not an issue of free speech but of neighborliness. Fundamental decency requires that we treat each other with respect, especially when we disagree deeply on hot moral issues. Sadly, I've grown used to the reality that tolerance is now a one-way street for gay marriage advocates. It no longer matters how respectfully and civilly one makes the case for humanity's marriage tradition.

"So Fred Karger gets quoted in The Washington Post calling Brian Brown "just as shrill, just as anti-gay as any of the leading gay-bashers." Fred doesn't provide any examples because he can't. Fred doesn't have to. The Washington Post does not feel any obligation to ask Fred Karger for proof. Being pro-gay marriage, Fred doesn't need proof as he hurls his charges like brickbats at Americans who disagree with him. I know that not every gay person agrees with the tactics of hate currently employed by this powerful steamroller of a political movement to suppress dissent, just as I know some gay people don't support gay marriage. (Not many, but I've met 'em!) And I do know this: Bullies don't stop as long as bullying works. Gay marriage advocates have to rein in their movement, or people in Maine and elsewhere are going to draw the natural conclusion: When the law endorses gay marriage advocates like Fred Karger and their ideas, it will have consequences."
It's kinda fascinating that now that the WaPo ombudsman has stepped in to criticize its own lionizing of NOM's Brian Brown, Maggie Gallagher says that she knew all along that the first article was written by a liberal sympathizer of pro-marriage equality homofascists. But when the profile of Brown first came out, Maggie was over the moon, gushing in NOM's newsletter that "the Washington Post just nailed him!" Oh, sorry, Maggie. Was it unneighborly of me to point that out?

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