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Harry Jackson Calls On Haters Nationwide To Help Stop Marriage Equality In DC

Pam Spaulding points us the latest bile from Bishop Harry Jackson, DC's head homophobe. Spaulding rants:
This is outlandish. Harry Jackson, the loudmouth carpetbagging preacher from Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Maryland is filing to collect signatures to put marriage equality on the ballot in DC. In order to raise the profile of his anti-gay efforrt, he's also released a video targeting voters from other states. He wants them to pressure Congress to act and review the DC City Council's vote to recognize marriage equality. This man is infesting DC with his bigotry and it's clear what he is going to do -- he is going to pit the black community against the largely white out LGBT community there, framing it as all the "privileged white gays" working to deny black voters the right to vote on an issue -- that's a powerful, sick message to cultivate. And he will do it. And there will be precious few out POC stepping up to refute his charges.

How has Jackson not been charged with voter fraud? It was established that he lives in Maryland but registered to VOTE in Washington, DC.

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