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Liberty Counsel: Adopt A Liberal!

The Liberty Counsel, the Christianist outfit behind any lawsuit for Jeebus, has launched an "Adopt A Liberal" campaign, asking for prayers for people they judge to be working for Satan.
Since the landmark 2008 general election, there can be no doubt that a very large percentage of our Nation's leaders have a liberal mindset. The undeniable fact is that the 111th Pelosi-Reid Congress and the Obama Administration demonstrate a far left political philosophy. And since the President nominates federal judges and Justices of the United States Supreme Court, the judicial branch of government could take on a decidedly more liberal bent as the Obama Administration wears on. Liberty Counsel has therefore named this special new prayer-in-action program Adopt a Liberal. And that's exactly what we invite you to do -- adopt a liberal who is in authority for regular, intense prayer in accord with St. Paul's admonition to his disciple, Timothy. In fact, we expect that many of our friends and supporters will choose to adopt many liberals as subjects of regular prayer!

Pick one or more of the liberals from the list we have posted online at, or choose your own liberal(s) to adopt. If you are led to choose one or more of the liberals we have selected for consideration, please read their brief biographical statement, including the reasons they stand in need of prayer. Pray earnestly and intensely for them! Pray that the Lord would move upon them and cause them to be the kind of leaders who will encourage others to lead "a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence." We encourage you to seek the Lord's guidance on how to pray for your liberal(s), always allowing Him to temper your prayer with His love and mercy.
The suggested list:
Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Congressman Barney Frank, Director John Holdren, Mr. Barry Lynn, Secretary Janet Napolitano, President Barack Obama, Senator Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Senator Olympia Snowe, The "Unknown Liberal".
I suppose we could launch our own Adopt An Asshatâ„¢ program and ask the Flying Spaghetti Monster to touch them with his Noodley Appendage of Reason, but the list would be soooo long: Mat Staver, Matt Barber, Porno Pete LaBarbera, Sally Kern, Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallagher......and on to infinity.

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