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New UN President Ali Abdussalam Treki Calls Homosexuality "Not Acceptable"

The just-installed Libyan president of the United Nations, Ali Abdusalam Treki, told reporters at a press conference that he considers homosexuality to be "not really acceptable" after being asked about the recent UN resolution calling for its global decriminalization.
Treki said: "That matter is very sensitive, very touchy. As a Muslim, I am not in favour of it . . . it is not accepted by the majority of countries. My opinion is not in favour of this matter at all. I think it's not really acceptable by our religion, our tradition. “It is not acceptable in the majority of the world. And there are some countries that allow that, thinking it is a kind of democracy . . . I think it is not,” he added. The ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs committee, Florida's Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, told On Top Magazine: "The anti-gay bigotry spewed by this Qaddafi shill demonstrates once again that the UN has been hijacked by advocates of hate and intolerance."
The president of the UN should not be confused with its actual head, the Secretary General, who is presently South Korea's Ban Ki-Moon. The UN presidency rotates annually between five major geographic areas. It's Africa's turn and Treki was chosen in June.

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