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NOM Subpoenas Fred Karger

NOM has subpoenaed Californians Against Hate's Fred Karger, demanding that he submit "any and all financial records" from his campaign to unearth their financing. That's something that they themselves have refused to provide to the IRS and state groups as required by law. Karger writes in the Huffington Post:
By subpoenaing me, they are forcing me to spend lots of money on attorneys to represent me throughout the proceedings. The subpoena calls for me to produce all emails, correspondence, faxes and all stored information that deal with my activities with Californians Against Hate from January 18, 2008 to the present. They demand to see all correspondence pertaining to three of my four web sites. They left one out. It is our second most visited web site: Must have been an oversight.

They have also demanded to know how I received all of our research information and how it was disseminated. They also want to see "any and all" financial records. How ironic, I have been trying to view the required financial information from NOM for over 6 months. NOM refuses to release any of its finances, even to the IRS, as required by federal law. The Mormon Church will also not reveal any of its expenditures. So what better way to persecute me, than to drag me through the legal system.
Karger says he's been overwhelmed by offers of help from sympathetic lawyers. That's fantastic. Here's hoping he can enlist to them in his rightful crusade to force NOM's twin pillars of evil, Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown, to do themselves what they expect from others. What are they afraid of, exposing their massive support from the Mormon Church? Oh, wait.

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