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Vermont: Montpelier High School Raises Thousands To Fight Hate

As I mentioned here on Monday, the students at Montpelier High School raised money for every minute that the Westboro nutters protested outside their school on the first day of legal same-sex marriages in Vermont. From their Facebook page:
-Number of WBC members who protested outside MHS: 4
-Number of legal same-sex marriages that took place today in Vermont: 5
-Number of states that have won marriage equality through the legislature: 1 (Vermont!)
-Number of minutes the WBC protested outside MHS: 27 minutes
-Funds our group has raised so far: $6250!! And the donations are still rolling in!

This is a happy and historic day for Vermont. We have come together as a community to support our state's decision to legalize same-sex marriage, and provided an example for others to follow. You have shown your dedication to equality You have facilitated the legal battle for human rights. And at Montpelier High School, you helped change what might have been a tense, frustrating, and disheartening school day into one filled with positive thoughts, unity, and hope. Thank you, thank you, everyone!
The kids are alright.

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