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Wingnuts To Keep Kids Out Of School During Obama's Speech To Students

Next Tuesday, President Obama is scheduled to make a televised speech to the nation's schoolchildren. But the wingnuts of America don't want their precious snowflakes exposed to our fascist/socialist/communist leader and have launched a campaign to keep good Christian children home that day.
Stephanie Klick, Tarrant County Republican Party chairwoman, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that many Texas families are speaking out against plans to air the broadcast in schools. "We're hearing from parents and grandparents that are not very happy. They really feel like it is political indoctrination," Klick said. "People don't like this. I have heard from some families that are planning to keep their kids home." The Houston Independent School District has directed principals to give parents advance notice if they are planning lessons around Obama's speech. Parents may opt-out their children. According to a Houston Chronicle report, "Children pulled out of school for the day will cost districts about $35 per child, as state funding for schools is based on daily attendance."

In Utah, school districts are taking precautions ahead of the speech, according to KSL 5 News. Salt Lake City School District is advising schools to have teachers notify parents if they plan on airing the address in class, and then allowing an opt-out. Some principals will be sending home notices if their schools plan to show the speech. One Utah father told the Deseret News he will pull his four children out of school rather than allow them to watch the Obama broadcast. "We will go on a picnic and read the Constitution – learn something useful," he said.

Wisconsin school districts have been hearing from concerned parents, according to the Associated Press. Palm Beach County, Fla., public schools may not run the broadcast. In Columbia, Mo., a district spokeswoman said kids won't be seeing the speech at all. Meanwhile, Atlas Shrugs' Pamela Gellar blasted the White House and the Department of Education for spelling errors in its "Indoctrination Day" announcement, noting that she will keep her children home from school on Sept. 8. Yes, your education tax dollars at work," Geller wrote. "Math, geography, spelling, English – that's for fascists! What's important is junk science, global hoaxes, and the green-colored slave labor market. Live for the sake of 'the man' and like it." She continued, "Obama, stay away from my children. ... My kids will not be in school on the 8th (and neither should yours)."
Obama plans to speak on the outrageous topics of setting educational goals and taking responsibility for your own education. COMMUNIST!!

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