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Governator Poised To Veto Milk Day Bill

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is prepared to again veto the bill creating a Harvey Milk holiday, saying he will issue a mass veto of hundreds of bills at once unless lawmakers come to an agreement on reorganizing the state's water system.
Seven hundred bills on issues including education, hospital funding, ammunition restrictions, and a day dedicated to Harvey Milk currently sit on the governor’s desk. The deadline for Schwarzenegger to sign or veto the myriad measures is Sunday at midnight. Members of the California legislature are concerned that the governor will issue a mass veto on the bills unless the lawmakers reach an agreement on reorganizing the state’s water system, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Assembly Majority Leader Alberto Torrico, a Democrat from Fremont, called on Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown on Tuesday to investigate the governor, saying his veto threat amounted to extortion. "These threats are akin to extortion or vote trading, which is illegal," said Torrico, reportsthe Los Angeles Times. "The governor should be very, very careful."
Schwarzenegger first vetoed the Milk holiday bill last year, saying Harvey Milk was not well known enough outside of San Francisco. The Oscar-winning film about Milk's life has surely changed that, but it remains unknown how the governor will vote, should the bill get a stand-alone opportunity.

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