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HomoQuotable - Michael Glatze

"But, what about my desires? People constantly complain: 'I'm just not attracted to women! And, I'm SO attracted to guys!' No, you're not. You're obsessed with the lustful desires of a fallen body, the body that – ultimately – hates itself and hates the truth. You know the way out, but you're selfishly unwilling to take it. You would rather pull the covers over you – in the form of liberal lawmakers who will attack the truth with 'hate crime' violations – than sit up, like a man, and BE a man. [snip]

"I have seen the forces of darkness as they have, swiftly, overpowered the minds and bodies of otherwise good-hearted souls, kind folks, wonderful friends and even family members. And I know this is what others are up against. I can't imagine what others must be going through, those trying to get out of the mind-vice of homosexual sin. I can't IMAGINE what their challenges are. I can only tell them: Be strong, my brothers and sisters. Be strong, my friends. Be strong." - Michael Glatze, the "ex-gay" former publisher of the defunct XY Magazine, from a lengthy, rambling piece just published on World Net Daily.

Glatze declared himself "ex-gay" in 2007, resulting in a whirlwind tour of Wingnutia, shepherded by Peter LaBarbera himself, where Glatze was hailed as a "major gay rights leader" who'd seen the light. (Christianists dropped Glatze like a hot potato shortly afterwards when he temporarily converted to Mormonism.) An excellent piece just posted on Ex-Gay Watch dissects Glatze's bizarre journey and points us to his just-created personal Twitter-like blog, where he makes racist commentary against President Obama, something that apparently doesn't trouble his fellow bigots at World Net Daily.

When I last quoted Michael Glatze in 2008, I closed with this:
I know some of you don't like reading the words of "ex-gay" idiots like Glatze or James Hartline, but I think it's important to recognize that these guys are lionized by the Christianists as shining examples of what is possible for all gay people. That's why these relative nobodies get so much ink in right-wing publications.
Like James Hartline and virtually all of of these "ex-gay" examples so beloved by the Christian right, Michael Glatze appears to be mentally ill. The question is, do the Christianists even see this? And if so, do they care? Or are they perfectly happy to exploit obviously unwell people to further their sinister campaigns of hatred? I think we all know the answer.

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