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Key West Day Three

Yesterday our merry band of revelers returned to the all-gay Blu Q catamaran, this time for a daytime snorkling trip out to Man Key Reef, a shallow coral reef where the crystal-clear water provided great views. Then came lunch and kayaking off a unpopulated island, where Captain Steve pointed out the wreckage of a shabby craft recently abandoned by Cuban refugees who were captured and repatriated as the wet foot, dry foot policy of the U.S. government doesn't apply to that island, somehow. Back at the dock, we watched a local hand-feed feed raw chicken to a puppy-like nurse shark and some rather massive tarpon.

And then the drinking commenced yet again, starting with tea dance at La Ti Da, followed shortly by a visit to Jazz At The Gardens Hotel, which has some of the lovliest grounds on the island. Key West Business Guild guru Steve Smith then ushered our tottering group into a gay-owned limo for the ride to a fancy dinner at Square One. And then Father Tony and I took a quick spin through some of the gay bars on Duval Street, hitting the Bourbon Street Pub, 801 Bourbon Bar and a couple of others places whose names elude me at the moment. Somehow we still had the stamina for a couple of nightcaps back at the pool bar at Island House. My day three slideshow is below, but the photos are somewhat out of order, something I can't attend to at the moment bcause we're late for our cocktail reception tour of several guesthouses. Life is hard in Key West. NOTE: Some photos may be NSFW, thanks to some rather confident Italians.

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