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London: Gay Bashing Victim Dies After Three Months In Coma

Life support machines for London resident Ian Baynham, 62, were turned off last night, three months after his vicious gay bashing by two women in Trafalgar Square. Police continue to seek his attackers and have just released surveillance images of the assault.
Police are searching for two blonde women and a dark-skinned man who were shown on CCTV in the area at around 11pm, the time the attack took place. All were aged between 16 and 20. Baynham and and another man were walking through the area when they were verbally abused by one woman who shouted homophobic taunts. Following the argument, the woman and two friends – a man and another woman – kicked him to the ground. Police described the assault as "vicious" and said the innocent men were on a night out in London. The second man, aged 30, was treated for minor injuries. Last week, CCTV images of the women were released. DCI Alexis Boon from Westminster Public Protection Unit said last week: "We hope release of these images will help us to identify members of the public who were in the area at the time of the attack and may be able to provide us with valuable information. It is vital that anyone who can assist contacts us as soon as possible."
With Baynham's death, the case is now in the hands of Scotland Yard.

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