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Maine Needs You!

Rex Wockner reports that Maine's No On 1 campaign desperately needs phone volunteers to help get out the vote to preserve marriage equality. You can do your part from your home or office on your cell phone or landline.
Basically, Karin [of Protect Maine Equality] needs you to get trained fast, then make lots of phone calls to Maine from wherever you are. It won't cost you anything. The software calls you. Your phone number won't be revealed. Caller ID will show the NO on 1 office number.

"Call for Equality is critical to our plan to reach all the voters in Maine we need to reach," Roland told me in an interview. "We literally need to make hundreds of thousands of dials through that program -- and in order to do that, we know we need several hundred more people to sign up. You can sign up and get trained now, and start calling now, and then you'll be all set to call on election day."
More information on how to help can be found on Wockner's blog. This is important. And not hard to do.

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