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Paterson Calls Special Session For Nov. 10th - Senate Marriage Vote Possible

Although he originally promised that it would occur this week, NY Gov. David Paterson has called the state legislature back for a special "unfinished business" session to be held on November 10th, during which same-sex marriage may finally be voted upon by the state Senate.
Paterson wants what is technically called an extraordinary session on Nov. 10 that would address the deficit and take on unfinished business. The regular session ended in June. The special session is expected to include a possible vote by the Senate to give final legislative approval to a same-sex marriage bill. Paterson has predicted the bill will be passed and signed into law in coming weeks. Paterson also is asking legislative leaders to call a rare joint session of the Legislature on Nov. 9, where he plans to address the Senate and Assembly on the need to act on the deficit and reduce spending.
It remains doubtful that marriage equality could pass this Senate, even with a slim Democratic majority, however as Empire State Pride Agenda head Alan Van Capelle told the audience at last week's annual dinner, it's far, far past time that we know where each senator truly stands - and can then move to support or oppose them.

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