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SF-Based Marketing Company Making $600K To Fight Gay Marriage In Maine

The San Francisco Appeal reports that a local marketing company is being paid over $600,000 by Stand For Marriage Maine, according to just-released financial records.

The most recent email sent by Marc Mutty, Chairman of Stand For Marriage Mainehere). (so we're clear, the only marriages he's standing for are the male-female kind, not the rest of 'em), complains that the opposition to the marriage ban now on the ballot in Maine comes from "mostly from the gay activist political elite from all corners of the nation, including Hollywood, Colorado, New York, Massachusetts." Mutty's group displays a different attitude when it comes to sending money out of state. In the filings, released yesterday, from Stand For Marriage Maine, the "Expenditures to support or oppose" section contains this entry: Payment To Support 2009 Question 1: People's Veto Of Same Sex Marriage Law: $113,196.00.

This company is listed 4 more times in that section, and has been paid nearly $360K. They're also listed 12 more times in the "unpaid debts" section, billing about $240K more. So, so far they stand to make at least $600,000 off the deal. Coincidentally, this is just slightly higher than the extra tax burden shouldered by many gay couples due to discriminatory tax penalties. So, what's this company at 58 Maiden Lane, Second Floor? (In researching this piece, one employee of a PR agency told the Appeal "They better move their offices, you can't get much faggier than Maiden Lane") It's been reported that the company in question is Criswell Associates, listen on Linkedin as "a small, fully independent integrated marketing communications company."

Reporters from the SF Appeal called Criswell Associates, who said no one was available to comment.

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