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Thousands Rally Against Hate Crimes In London's Trafalgar Square

JMG reader Zefrog took the above photo of last night's anti-hate crimes rally in London's Trafalgar Square. Check out his Flickr gallery here. Via BBC News:
A vigil for victims of hate crime has taken place in Trafalgar Square just yards away from the scene of an assault which resulted in a gay man's death. Family and friends and thousands of gay, lesbian and transgender people turned out to mourn Ian Baynham, 62. Tributes were also paid to trainee Pc James Parkes, who suffered skull fractures after an attack in Liverpool. Rows of candles spelt out "No To Hate" and speeches took place before a two-minutes silence at 2100. Like millions of people before him, Ian Baynham walked through the square on 25 September, looking forward to a night out. A little over a month later, thousands gathered beneath Nelson's Column to mourn his murder. Police believe Mr Baynham, from Beckenham in Kent, was beaten by a group of total strangers because he was gay. He suffered head injuries and died in hospital two weeks later. From where the candles flickered, mourners could see the spot, just a few yards away, where he became another victim.
Below, after a two minute period of silence as bells toll and ambulances wail in the far distance, a reading of the names of Britain's hate crimes victims over the last ten years.

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