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Time To Re-Review Matt Barber's Book

Last week I suggested checking out anti-gay activist Matt Barber's new book, The Right Hook, and offering up your reviews on Amazon. Many of you did, to hilarious effect, although most of your reviews were later removed after Barber and his male lover Peter LaBarbera stamped their delicate stilettos on wingnut radio shows and websites.
Reviewers are being highly critical of a book on the culture war -- a book they couldn't possibly have read yet. The book entitled The Right Hook - From the Ring to the Culture War is authored by Matt Barber, who is well known for his analysis of the homosexual agenda. Although the book is on, it will not be available until November. Even so, activists are already ripping it in the comments section. Matt Barber "The homosexual activist blog has turned people loose doing fraudulent reviews, negative one-star reviews of my book, ostensibly to try to discourage people from buying the book and reading it," reports Barber. According to the author, this is taking place even though the book is one they could not have read in advance. Considering this, Barber says, "This just illustrates that the left, liberals, secular leftists, socialists, and homosexual activists...don't want to argue the debate because they know they lose on the merits -- so they have to employ these Orwellian propaganda tactics to keep the message from getting out."
Oh, but hang on a minute, Miss Barberella! A quick check of Amazon today reveals there are now 25 five-star reviews of your book which you claim is not available until early November. Why, it's as if Godly homo-hating Christians are posting reviews of a book they have not read! How "fraudulent"! How "Orwellian"!

RightWingWatch reports that Matt Barber's book is entirely comprised of previously published columns, there is literally "nothing new" there. Go here for a complete chapter-by-chapter linkfarm to every word in Matt Barber's The Right Hook. Read them and resubmit your knowledgable review to Amazon.

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