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World Net Daily Blocked By McAfee

The nation's most widely read right wing site, World Net Daily, is being blocked by McAfee for its "controversial opinions." One WND reader bleats:
"I am an avid reader of your site. I frequent it at least 2-3 times a day and read many of your commentaries on the site. I love Molotov Mitchell! He is my favorite," wrote the teacher, whose identity was being withheld. He found blocked. "I then checked Of course, it was unblocked and running just fine. Another fine example of shutting down any information resource that doesn't agree with our current political administration," he said. "I already requested our technology director to unblock it and he did. The problem is what other sites are they choosing to block? I told him I think blocking 'controversial opinions' is a form of thought control. If they were going to block that, we wouldn't be able to get to global warming, abortion, or anything debatable," he wrote. "Keep doing what you are doing for the 60 percent of America that reads your site. The other 40 percent is just a bunch of robots falling in step with the new socialistic agenda," he said.
McAfee has promised to issue a fix. As they should.

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