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97 Meds In HIV/AIDS Pipeline

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association writes us today in advance of World AIDS Day (December 1st) to let us know about the 97 HIV/AIDS medications currently in the research pipeline.
Conservatively, an effective HIV vaccine could prevent almost 30 million of the 150 million new infections projected in the coming decades. A highly effective vaccine could even prevent more than 70 million infections in 15 years. Currently, 23 vaccines are in development. In addition to the vaccines now in development, there are 54 antivirals, four cancer treatments, six immunomodulators, three gene therapies, and eight other medicines now in human clinical trials or before the Food and Drug Administration awaiting approval.
A complete list of the 97 medications and their status in the FDA approval process is available here. (PDF) Since 1983, 31 medications have been approved for treating HIV/AIDS. The PRMA invites you to check out their Prescription Assistance Program if you are uninsured or unable to fully afford your medications.

RELATED: It's rather interesting for me to get a direct message from the PRMA, as it was outside their Washington DC headquarters where I came the closest I've ever come to being arrested, during a 1993 ACT-UP "die in" protesting the cost of HIV meds.

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