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ABC Cancels Adam Lambert Concert

ABC has canceled tomorrow's scheduled concert on Good Morning America in the aftermath of his controversial performance on Sunday's American Music Awards. But CBS has jumped on his new availability.
If you were hoping to catch Adam Lambert performing on "Good Morning America" this Wednesday, or maybe even see the free concert in person in New York, you're out of luck. The appearance has been canceled. According to an e-mail from a show coordinator: "The Adam Lambert Concert on Good Morning America at the Hudson Theatre has been officially cancelled. It is not necessary to come to the theatre because it will be closed. Thank you for your interest in the show and Adam Lambert. We look forward to your attendance at future events." However, CBS has jumped at the opportunity to have Adam on "The Early Show" on Wednesday morning to discuss his American Music Awards performance, CBS News confirms.
JMG reader Roman suggests complaining to ABC's parent company Disney via this link. Teenager Miley Cyrus on a stripper pole: OK. Girl-on-girl-on-girl kissing: OK. Overt gay male sexuality? NOT OK.

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