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Daily Grumble

Realizing that complaining about one's cable provider is as fruitless as complaining about the weather, I still must vent about Time-Warner's "paperless" billing system. In addition to providing your 87 digit account number, to pay online one must also enter a "customer code," which, hello, is only available on the paper bills. And of course, to get your customer code you have to call them and spend 20-30 minutes navigating useless menus before finally getting a real person in Bangalore to scream at. Aside from the idiocy of requiring two unique codes to pay one's bill, requiring a phone call to get one of those numbers defeats the point of "online" billing, dunnit? The icing on the cake was the below message I got when trying to send an annoyed email. When is our communist/socialist leader going to nationalize the cable industry? I'm standing by.
UPDATE: Almost forgot. To pay by phone, as I finally did, Time-Warner charges a $1.99 "transaction fee." Five minutes later, I got a robo-call survey asking what I thought of their "customer service."

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