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Election Day Live Blog

Thanks to everybody who dropped in and who stayed with me for the past seven hours. Despite Maine, it was in general a fantastic night for LGBT politics, with great results seen in Kalamazoo, Chapel Hill, Detroit, Houston, and in Washington state, where Approve 71 continues to lead, with a final result possibly not coming for a few days. Let's focus on the wins, offer heartfelt thanks to Protect Maine Equality, and remain positive for the continuing fight to complete civil equality for all Americans.

1:06AM -
New York Times declares Yes On 1 the winner. With 86% of votes in, bigots in Maine are ahead by 30,000 votes, a 5.4% margin. Regardless of this defeat, we owe a huge thank you to Jesse Connolly and his team at Protect Maine Equality, who by all accounts, ran the best marriage equality campaign we've seen.
12:55AM -
Well, everybody is UNcalling a win on R-71, for now, thanks to confusion over the "official" WA elections site, which operates under its own rules. Things still look good, at least.
12:50AM -
Democrat Bill Owens declared winner of NY-23. Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Glenn Beck can SUCK IT.
12:37AM -
Via Rex Wockner: No On 1 is not conceding, citing uncounted absentee ballots and unreporting precincts.
12:24AM -
Commenters at Seattle's Slog are conflicted over the blue "winner" check mark at the official WA elections site - which is how EVERYBODY announces the winner on these things. Can somebody PLEASE advise??
11:50PM -
Openly lesbian Houston comptroller Anise Parker takes first place in mayoral race, headed for runoff election.
11:45PM -
Approve 71 bounces back to 3 point lead.
11:30PM -
Yes On 1 widens lead to 11,000 votes, 3.2 points. Pours fourth fucking drink.
11:22PM -
First report from Washington state shows Approve 71 losing by wide margin. That's only 6% of votes counted with several days of counting mailed ballots likely to follow.
11:16PM -
Yes On 1 stretches lead to 2 points, 6000+ votes. 55% of districts reporting.
11:10PM -
Yes On 1 now leading by 2200 votes, almost 1%. 49% of districts reporting.
11:03PM -
Democrat Bill Owens leads by 4 pts in NY-23 House district. Suck it, Sarah Palin.
10:50PM -
Exactly 50.0 - 50.0 in Maine. We lead by 32 votes. Pours third drink.
10:45PM -
NY1 calls it for Bloomberg. $100M for a 3-pt margin. What's that come out to per vote?
10:32PM -
Christine Quinn retains NYC council seat by 4-1 margin.
10:15PM -
NBC News calls New Jersey for Chris Christie. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
10:14PM -
No On 1 reports via Twitter that their lead is now less than 1% with 22% of precints reporting.
10:06PM -
New Jersey: 70% of votes counted, anti-gay GOP candidate Chris Christie leads by 5 points. Bad, bad news.
10:03PM -
It's official, finally. Kalamazoo's new LGBT rights law is UPHELD. Wah and HOO!
10:00PM -
MSNBC reports Bloomberg's win forecast "called back" as later results have narrowed his lead to less than 2%.
9:50PM -
The New York Times election results site appears to be more stable than the other one. Going by that one for now. Presently shows us winning by 3.6 pts.
9:40PM -
$100M will buy you several lovely Mediterranean islands or one illicit third term as NYC mayor.
9:27PM -
D'oh! Bangor Daily News live results feed crashes. "Server taking too long to respond thanks to too many anxious homos!"
9:18PM -
Hold that celebration, Michigan. Contradictory posts from Kalamazoo HQ.
9:11PM -
Kalamazoomians represent! Unconfirmed results show new LGBT rights upheld 65-35. Woo! First win of the night! Probably.
9:02PM -
Flippity flop, we back on top. By NINE. Pours second drink.
8:40PM -
7% of Maine votes counted. Huge jump for Yes On 1. We're now down by 9 pts. I don't think I can stand to look again for at least 30 minutes.
8:32PM -
Listen to election results live on national LGBT radio, SiriusOutQ.
8:26PM -
2% of votes counted, No On 1 has 3-1 margin.
8:25PM -
Live results from Kalamazoo, Michigan are being posted here.
8:10PM -
UGH. It gets worse. Arch homophobe Ken Cuccinelli has just been called as Virginia's new Attorney General.
8:01PM -
NBC News just called Virginia for the anti-gay Bob McDonnell. Ouch.
8:00PM -
Veteran gay reporter Rex Wockner is live-posting from the No On 1 headquarters.
7:55PM -
Follow No On 1 live on their Twitter account.
7:50PM -
New Jersey's gubernatorial race election results will be posted live here. Things don't look promising for Democrat Jon Corzine.
7:45PM -
The Bangor Daily News' live results tally has just gone live. Only 51 votes are on the board at this moment, marriage equality ahead 46-5. Enjoy that while it lasts.
7:40PM -
Not yet received absentee ballots in Maine and ballots mailed today in Washington state may mean we don't get final results in either location tonight.
- Weaselinas: Both of Maine's GOP Senators, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, refuse to say how they voted on marriage equality.

The polls have closed in Virgina and will close at 8pm in New Jersey and Maine, 9pm in New York. I'll be adding early results and exit polls to this post until the results are called. So far all they're saying is that it's too close to call in Virginia's governor race.

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