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Gay Pagan Witches Will Abort Your Kids!

The Maine Family Policy Council has picked up the American Family Association's "witchcraft" charge against Gap's holiday commercial. Aaaand somehow it all becomes about abortion and euthanasia. Oh! And don't forget the witchcraft of gay marriage!
Solstice is a holiday celebrated by "pagans," and paganism is repackaged witchcraft, and witchcraft slowly darkens, withers, and kills the human soul. Modern day "pagans" are reacting to the Gap commercial with laughter and disbelief. More than anyone else, they know their "religion" is at war with God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Putting them on a par with Christianity at the time of the birth of the Savior, strikes even them as ludicrous.

The sugar-coating which sweetens this bitter dose of witchcraft is multiculturalism, tolerance, and diversity, the spirit of the Gap "holiday" commercial. Similarly, the vilest practices imaginable - abortion, euthanasia, and homosexual marriage - are wrapped up in a bow of tolerance and compassion, and sold to an unsuspecting public as "freedom of choice," or an "alternative lifestyle." Small wonder then that at the time of the Incarnation, the arrival of the infant Jesus - the Light of this World - liberals are offering the forces of darkness a seat at the table.

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