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Gaymers Honored By World Of Warcraft

The Stonewall Family, a community of LGBT players in the massively popular World Of Warcraft game, has been honored by the site's operators as their "Guild of the Month." Coming from the Pong era, I'm not going to pretend that I understand how it all works, but it seems like a sweet story at the end of a week of nonsense and hatred. The history of the Stonewall Family:
Our meta-guild, The Stonewall Family, originally started as a single guild – La Familia de Stonewall. It was founded in late 2007 by a handful of friends who had tried other gay/lesbian/bi/transgender and LGBT-friendly raiding guilds... but always felt they were somewhat lost in the shuffle, and never really felt a sense of "family". They wanted to start a guild where the social aspects of play and friendships were the most important factor, and where they would be able to avoid any anti-lgbt harassment. From that small group of friends, we have grown to a "meta-guild" of over 700 members across 5 sub-guilds today. [La Familia De Stonewall, The Family of Stonewall, Stonewall Rioters, Die Familie von Stonewall, La Banque de Stonewall]
I looked at the WoW site once, couldn't figure out where to insert the quarters.

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