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News Corp To Block Google Indexing, Silences YouTube's Liberal News Clippers

JMG reader Jon in DC is under attack by Fox News for his YouTube news clipping channel, which provides this and many progressive blogs with video proof of the right wing's buffoonery. Several days ago Fox convinced Google to once again suspend Jon's YouTube account, meaning that numerous posts in the JMG archives will have dead videos. So much for Fair Use. (Except for YouTube's conservative news clippers, who apparently can use Fox content all they want.) Jon has returned to YouTube under a new account, but News Corp president Rupert Murdoch now says he will block Google from indexing any of the content from his galaxy of publications.
Rupert Murdoch says he will remove stories from Google's search index as a way to encourage people to pay for content online. In an interview with Sky News Australia, the mogul said that newspapers in his media empire – including the Sun, the Times and the Wall Street Journal – would consider blocking Google entirely once they had enacted plans to charge people for reading their stories on the web. In recent months, Murdoch his lieutenants have stepped up their war of words with Google, accusing it of "kleptomania" and acting as a "parasite" for including News Corp content in its Google News pages. But asked why News Corp executives had not chosen to simply remove their websites entirely from Google's search indexes – a simple technical operation – Murdoch said just such a move was on the cards.
Murdoch adds that eventually he will challenge the Fair Use Doctrine in the courts.

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