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NJ Gov Race: Chris Christie Goes For Last Minute Anti-Gay Push

The Bilerico Project reports that GOP New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie, who is in a tight race with incumbent Jon Corzine, has sent voters a last-minute anti-gay mailer in order to push him over the top with the state's bigots. Adam Bink:

Not only does stuff like this make me furious, but there's another wrinkle to this race. We have just enough votes in the state legislature to pass marriage equality. But if Christie is elected governor, we may kiss our chances goodbye for another four years. So, I want to ask for your help. This weekend will be fun with Halloween and parties. But the day after Election Day, it won't be much fun for LGBT couples in New Jersey if Christie gets elected governor (it won't be much fun for anyone but his cronies, really). The campaign has set up a virtual phonebanking tool- all you need is a phone, an internet connection, and few hours. No experience necessary. Click here to get started. If you're in NJ, you can find your local field office by clicking here, or calling the hotline at 877-NJ-GOV-09. New Jersey could be the next state on the map. But it could either happen next month, or we could find ourselves left behind for four- or more- years. Please help out by calling or helping out in person.

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