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NOM To NY Senators: Vote For Marriage And We Will Fund Your Challengers

The National Organization for Marriage today posted this warning to NY state senators in advance of tomorrow's possible vote on marriage equality:
Following up on its successful campaign to defeat Dede Scozzafava in NY-23, The National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) Executive Director Brian Brown announced plans to build a $500,000 war chest to fund a primary challenge to any Republican senator who votes for gay marriage – regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s vote in the State Senate. "There is no Republican Senate district in New York where the majority of people support gay marriage. Maine has made that very clear,” said Brian Brown. "The GOP should learn from Dede Scozzafava's experience: voting for gay marriage does not pay." 50 percent of voters who abandoned Dede Scozzafava to vote for Doug Hoffman said that Dede's vote for gay marriage was a significant factor, according to a NOM poll of voters in NY-23 released on Election Day.
And yet Doug Hoffman still lost.

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