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Quote Of The Day - Maine Craigslister

From Craigslist's Maine Rants & Raves board:
Who the fuck do you radical faggot asswipes think you're intimidating with all this NO on one bullshit? Do you really think you will change the way we're going to vote with threats? Our Govenor is on your side? Good! Take that fucking sneaky aids-stricken weasel with you when we run your faggot asses out of Maine! We are the most heavily armed state in the country. Do you think we will run and hide from a bunch of fucking pansies? I am voting YES on one and so is everyone I talk to. So take your bully tactics somewhere else, they won't work here! We are going to keep you degenerates out of our schools and out of our state! Fucking faggots!
More gems here.

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