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Soccer Star Fired For Homophobic Book

A Danish pro soccer team has fired its star goalie, Arek Onyszko, after he published a memoir with strongly homophobic language.
Polish goalkeeper Arek Onyszko has been fired by FC Midtjylland, a Danish football club, for making homophobic comments in his autobiography. The player's book, titled Fucking Polack, was released yesterday. In it, he detailed his hate of homosexuality. Onyszko wrote: "I hate gays, I really do. I think it’s fucking disgusting to hear them talk to each other as if they are girls. I can’t be in the same room as someone who’s gay. Look at them kissing each other – it’s sickening." He also likened gays to "vomit" and attacked female sports reporters. He was fired from Odense football club OB in June after being convicted of assaulting his ex-wife. He was sentenced to three months in prison before being signed by FC Midtjylland. In a recent interview, Onyszko said his Catholic beliefs prohibited him from accepting "those kind of people".

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