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Today: "Rally For Religious Freedom"

Pretty much every Christianist loon you've ever heard of will be outside the Department of Justice in Washington DC at 1:30pm today to protest the recently passed hate crimes act. Wild-eyed luminaries such as Matt Barber, Peter LaBarbera, Gary Cass, Bishop Harry Jackson and their coterie of crazies will be attempting to incite their own arrest by "preaching the Biblical truth about homosexuality."
The Rally for Religious Freedom is meant to raise alarm over the nation's new Federal "hate crimes" law just passed by Congress and signed last month by President Obama. The intention of the rally is to assert the freedom of speech of ministers and Christians in general to declare biblical truth in the public square. The Rally will also expose the unconstitutional nature of the hate law. Ministers from various denominations will preach from the Bible, especially those parts that speak to the sin of homosexuality. This will serve to reassure ministers and Christians that they are free to do the same. A letter from Matt Staver of Liberty Council will be presented to Attorney General Eric Holder that expresses our concerns about the many unconstitutional aspects of the hate crime bill. Specific legal challenges also may be announced then.
Just like Matt Barber and Peter LaBarbara have claimed that commenters here on JMG have made terrorist threats, Christian Anti-Defamation Commission head Gary Cass is now claiming to have gotten an email about today's event which says, "I'll be in Washington on the 16th and I know what you look like." Cass' press release goes on to retread Barber's unfounded accusations about this blog, which Barber repeated again this weekend, this time for the widely-read, home to fellow columnists Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh, among other nutters. This time, in a column titled 'Gay' Jihad, Barber whines that the mainstream press has refused to pick up the story.
Those who either threaten or attempt to incite terrorism must be immediately brought to justice. Churches and Christian leaders around the country need to be on high alert. These threats of homosexual activist terrorism must be taken very seriously. Of course, just as most mainstream media have sheepishly caved to the dictates of political correctness in refusing to call Muslim terrorist, Nidal Malik Hasan, a “Muslim terrorist” – they too have blacked-out the story surrounding these homosexualist threats of terror. It doesn’t fit the PC narrative, you see. Islam is really a “peaceful religion,” right? And homosexual activists? Well, they’re the victims, not the victimizers. They’re the targets of “hate crimes” not the architects. It seems the mainstream media are likewise bent on strapping a suicide bomb to any last remnant of journalistic credibility.
Here's the list of grandstanding nutjobs pretending that they risk being arrested today.
The official list of speakers and participating organizations now includes: Pierre Bynum of Family Research Council, Rick Scarborough of Vision America, Gary Cass of the Christian Anti Defamation Commission, Bishop Earl Jackson of STAND America, Paul Blair of Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ, Steve Kern of Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ, Dan Fisher of Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ, Mat Staver of Liberty Council, Matt Barber of Liberty Council, Paul Diamond of Christian Legal Centre in London, Jim Garlow of Protect Marriage CA, Janet Porter of Faith2Action, J. Grace Harley of Jesus is the Answer Ministry, Pat Mahoney of Christian Defense Coalition, Richard Land &/or Barrett Duke of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, Gordon Klingenshmitt of Pray in Jesus Name, and Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth.
A sample comment from Barber's Townhall piece:
Don't push this too far, gay men. There's a reason why gay men were brutally repressed in every society until the Western Societies of the past 20 years -- the potential forces of violence arrayed against you are infinitely greater than anything you can muster. Everything you enjoy now is "dependent on the kindness of strangers" Stay tolerant to get tolerance. You may have pushed things as far as they can go. If so, live with it. If you break down religion you may also break down the institutions that restrain violence being visited on you.
My goodness, that's at least as "terroristic" as JMG reader Fritz's now famous worry. Call the FBI!

RELATED: Among Townhall's commenters on Barber's post is notorious Rev. Steve Anderson (as Anderson659), who famously has some real problems with the FBI after announcing that he was praying for the death of President Obama.

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